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Carbon black facility to be constructed in Turkey by OYAK

October 21, 2022

Iskenderun on the Turkish Mediterranean coast will see a development of a virgin carbon black production plant as Turkish government-controlled fund OYAK signed a deal with International CSRC Investment Holding from Taiwan.

According to OYAK, the facility will be able to produce some 220 kilotons annually.

Asian partner, Continental Carbon, is a subsidiary operated by International CSRC Investment Holdings (earlier called China Synthetic Rubber Corporation). The company will help with technology and will equip the facility with upgraded environmental protection systems for energy recovery and emissions.

The plant will be developed at a time when Turkish market is considered the biggest carbon black market in the Middle East & Africa region. Its estimated value is over €200 million.

In addition to self-sufficiency in the supply of the raw material, the new facility will also transfer technology and create job opportunities in the country, as OYAK's general manager Süleyman Savaş Erdem said.