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Fully Continuous Charcoal/Biochar Making Machine Installed In China

March 08, 2023

Mingjie Carbonization Plant is latest generation of biochar/charcoal making machine, it can continuously working, the processing capacity is big, working efficiency is high. The carbonizing reactor takes 304 stainless steel plate which can resist 600 degree high temperature and reactor structure is dual layer which can ensure the material fully carbonized.


Henan Mingjie Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd


Final Products Application


1. Biochar/Charcoal

Widly used as fuel for industry heating or cooking or BBQ

Can be used as soil conditioner or fertilizer

Can be further processed into the activated carbon

Can be used as iron factory as carburizing agent


2. Tar

Can be used as permeability-reducing agent for shipbuilding industry

Can be further processed to biodiesel

Can be used as  disinfectant and antiseptic


3. Wood vinegar

Soil improvement which can prevent pests and diseases, also can be used as a soil disinfectant

Plant growth regulator that can promote plant growth

Can eliminate the smell and keep


4. Combustible gas 

Will be recycled to the furnace for heating the reactor