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Chinese officials determined to advance tire recycling to tackle waste challenge

October 21, 2022

Сhina is set to create new firms that will recycle scrap tires as the Asian country is facing the threatening problem of end-of-life tire accumulations; over 300 million waste tires have been accumulated by the country. China will also look for the ways to reuse the tires, according to the industry ministry that revealed its plans in draft guidelines.

This draft comes at a time when China is also advancing its initiatives to reduce pollution and is attempting to make sure that waste undergoes proper utilization.

In order to boost tire recycling industry, the Asian state will turn to thermal cracking and tire retreading and will study the ways how to make these recycling efforts more efficient and wide-spread. In addition, the authorities are looking into the ways of producing rubber powder out of scrap tires to use it in rubberized asphalt, and using waste tire chips as an energy source in cement kilns.

Currently, the officials are running several large-scale projects aimed at rubberized asphalt development using waste tire rubber.