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Pyrolyx seeks construction of the second tire pyrolysis plant in the United States

October 21, 2022

The local U.S. officials in Terre Haute have given their endorsement to issue conduit bonds with the ceiling of $70 million that will result in expansion of a tire pyrolysis facility of Pyrolyx. The American media outlets reported that Pyrolyx USA is seeking construction of a second recycling facility on land close to the already operating Vigo County unit in Indiana. The new plant is expected to create 50 jobs.

If we have an opportunity to assist in this way, particularly when there is no financial obligation for the community, we want to take advantage of that and try to encourage new job creation and investment in our community,” said Steve Witt, executive director of the Terre Haute Department of Redevelopment and president of the Terre Haute Economic Development Corp.

According to Pyrolyx USA, it expects to launch the second facility next year. The reports about the second plant’s development came after Pyrolyx, in autumn last year, stated that it had signed a 5-year deal with Continental Tire and would serve as its recovered carbon black (rCB) supplier.

The CEO of Pyrolyx Thomas Redd says the company is currently looking for new employees and encourages professionals to apply at

Pyrolyx is a company specializing in recovered carbon black, tire-derived oil and steel production – these are the byproducts of scrap tire pyrolysis that are considered valuable for industrial use. For instance, recovered carbon black can be used in manufacturing of new tires and as colorant in synthetic rubber production.